Research Focus

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1. Optical Techniques for Cancer Margin Assessment

Cancer margin assessment is key to improve the success rate of Breast Conservation Surgery (BCS). Different optical techniques such as transmission-based NIR, diffuse reflectance-based NIR, time-domain NIR, linear and circular polarization-based polarimetric tools can be used with varying efficacy to differentiate cancer from adjacent normal tissues.

2. Hybrid Opto-Thermal-Acoustic (OTA) Characterization for ex-vivo and in-vivo Clinical Diagnosis

The study of diffuse optical spectroscopy and imaging in tissue helps provide a new perspective to tissues' structural and functional properties that are not readily assessed by alternative methods. The tissue constituents such as haemoglobin, water, lipid, collagen, and tissue physiology parameters such as oxygen saturation (SO2) and tissue oxygenation index (TOI) can be quantified using DOI. The research and development of such systems that take advantage of this approach have led to clinical prototype systems.

3. Bio-inspired Optical Materials and Devices

With the advent of high-resolution imaging tools, the finest intricacies of the microscopic environment of biological entities such as moth-eye, camouflage, and bird's feather can be understood. These microstructures can generate macroscopic behaviour such as optical filters and reflectors, leading to applications such as implantable sensors, diagnostics, and therapeutics.


Dr. Uttam M. Pal

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